I Demand Satisfaction, Sir!

So, yeah, I know I said that I was taking the month off.  And I’m still writing the novel, but it’s starting to bore me, so here I am.  Wait, no, actually, I’m back because of this, which landed in my inbox this morning:

Join the challenge!

I have to admit to being a big sucker for anyone who combines the elements of retro pin up with a reading challenge, so I’m totally in.  I was thinking of doing the Genre-Buster level, but to be honest, I would almost consider that cheating (for anyone who thinks they might like to do that challenge, you can get two for the price of one with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods; it won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards, if the Booksluts will allow that.  Or you could just stop being so lazy and read two books.  But me, I always go for lazy).  So I’m going to do the ‘Full-Frontal’ challenge, because it takes me outside of the stuff I would usually read.  Maybe I don’t always go for lazy after all…

There’s no time limit on this challenge, which is just great.  And I’ll be reviewing the books that I read as part of it anyway, so everybody wins!  Yay!

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  1. Don’t you love comments that don’t relate to you post at all….yeah I just wanted to let you know that for the library book club this month we are reading a book called……WOLF hall yes I had a little chuckle thinking of your blog perhaps you could do a spoof read of books that have wolf in the title just for kicks. Anyway I’m not recommending it at this stage, historical fiction is all right its just this one is bloody huge and my poor little brain is easily distracted by more interesting books….I didn’t finish the last book we read either. I think I just have a sick perversion over listening to how much others loved a book when I couldn’t even finish it some sort of self humiliation ritual??

    • I actually got Wolf Hall to ‘read’ on audiobook when I was at the dentist. It’s a pretty good one, nothing really special I wouldn’t say, but I’m not sure whether to put that down to audiobooks (this was my first foray into them) or to the book itself. Would be interested to hear what you think of it when you’re done, or not done, as the case may be!

      I don’t think it’s a self-humiliation ritual at all! I think that you may just have better things to do with your time than read mediocre books, which is hardly a bad thing, when you think about it.

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