My Mama Says I’m a Winner

… and it turns out I am.

That’s right, bitches!  I’m totally a novelist!  Not a published novelist, maybe, or a very good one (hey, it’s in the first draft, let’s not get too hasty).  But it does mean that I can finally, finally display one of these suckers.  Hells yeah!  So I’m celebrating by getting a bit drunk tonight, toasting my own brilliance.  Or something.

Basically what that all means for you cublings, is that now I’m more full than ever of my own self-importance, which should make blogging at least 253% more awesome.  I did say at the start of November that I was going away for the month, and although that didn’t really happen, it was a slight hiatus.  So now I’m back, and badderer than ever.  Literally.  Because you have no comprehesion how bad my spelling has got after having to punch out just under two thousand words per day, going hell-for-leather all the way.

Anyway, hope y’all have had a fun November, lucky for me it’s been galeforce winds and stuff like that where I live lately, so not really ‘going outside’ kind of weather.  Just the kind of weather you want for novelling.  Now summer can commence!


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  1. party party. Congratulations 🙂 What’s your novel called?

    • Ugh… party party was about right. A bit drunk turned into quite drunk, which translated into disgustingly hungover. It always seems like such a good idea at the time. The novel is called ‘Deceit’, at least it is at this stage. It needs a massive edit-slash-rewrite, but I’m not looking at it until after Christmas, just to give it some breathing room. I think that I’ll probably go completely bonkers and delete the whole thing and then regret it later if I do the edit too soon.

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