‘Ello, ‘ello, back for more, Sunshine?

Moon over SohoMoon Over Soho cover

Aaronovitch, Ben

Gollancz, London

ISBN: 9780575097629

It’s only because I saw this book in the library the other day that I’m reviewing it now.  If you’ve already read the bit on Rivers of London, you’ll pretty much know where I’m heading with this one; the same criticisms apply here too.

Isn’t it strange how you get into the habit of reading one particular author?  The Sookie Stackhouse books had the same effect as this one on me, though I came much later in the piece to those.  Which meant, of course, that I could read several of them in quick succession, blam-blam-blam.  Not so with the Peter Grant books, since this is the second of what is clearly turning into a bit of a series, and my public library doesn’t seem to have the third book, Whispers Under Ground in just yet.  Sigh – that’s what they made the internet for though, right?  So that you could bankrupt yourself buying books off of it?

Anyway – you can see why both author and publisher would be keen for this to be more than a single book kind of dealie.  The characters are endearing, there is a lot of interesting subtext to explore and setting the series in London almost has the effect of creating an additional storytelling element in itself.  However, these factors don’t make it any less of a rapid-fire read.  Which is not a bad thing, not at all.  Man (or at least, this particular example of the human race) does not live by highbrow, impenetrable literature alone.  Most of the time that’s exactly what I don’t want in a book – I want to relate to the characters, I want to see the human struggle that we all contend with in the characters that the author has created.  This book certainly delivers on both fronts.


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