The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said

Hey, cublings?  Yoo-hoo, anyone there?


I’d totally forgive you if you weren’t.  It’s been so long, I’m surprised I still remember the password for this blog.  But here I am, doing a last entry to let you know that… uh… this is the last entry.  It’s been a blast, but seriously, I barely have time to read anymore, let alone post about it.  You wanna know why?  In November, I had a litter of my own – two little cubs who are cutely (and noisily, at times) soaking up all Mama Wolf’s attention.  So now that I have a brood of my own, it seems that one has to reorganise ones time a little more, and sadly, that means that the blog has got to go.


Of course, reading is still around – I’m using GoodReads, where you can find me (if you like) on  Though I’ve been reading Simon Schama’s brilliant Landscape and Memory for ages and am still under a hundred pages into it, so … yeah.


It’s been a blast, y’all.  Mama Wolf, over and out.


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