Reading List

This is just where I’m plopping down the names of books (and stuff) which have caught my fancy, or that people have recommended to me.  Hey, recommend me a book that you’ve enjoyed!  I’m always keen to get more reading material ideas, and you know I’d read the back of a cereal packet if that’s all there was around!  This is strictly new stuff, no re-reads.

  • Babel-17 (Samuel R. Delany)
  • Farenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)
  • The Key (Junichiro Tanizaki)
  • King Rat (China Miéville)
  • The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)
  • The Hellbound Heart (Clive Barker)
  • Early Works 1970 – 1979 (Patti Smith)
  • Let the Right One In (John Ajvide Lindquist)
  • Cobralingis (Jeff Noon)
  • The Laugh of the Medusa (Hélène Cixous)
  • Agnes Grey (Anne Brontë)
  • Mechanique: a tale of the Circus Tresaulti (Genevieve Valentine)
  • West of No East (Bobby Nayyar)
  • The Minipins (Roald Dahl)
  • The Idiot (Fyodor Dostoyevski)
  • Tales of Ordinary Madness (Charles Bukowski)
  • Filth (Irvine Welsh)
  • The Half-Men of O (Maurice Gee) – and all the New Zealanders are going “You didn’t read this?  What’s wrong with you?”… I’m getting to it, right?! It’s on the bloody list!
  • The Boys (Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson)
  • Metro 2033 (Dmitry Glukhovsky)
  • Rivers of London (Ben Aaronovitch)
  • The Devil Rides Out (Dennis Wheatley)
  • American Vampire (Scott Snyder/Stephen King)
  • Grotesque (Natsuo Kirino)
  • I am Legend(Richard Mattheson)
  • 1Q84(Haruki Murakami)
  • Handling the Undead (John Ajvide Lindquist)
  1. Wanna suggest you Dennis wheatley’s “The Devil Rides Out” in case you haven’t read it.. may be a bit cheap, but the ultimate story on black magic..classic example of an unputdownable

    Right now I’m looking for The Necromancers (can’t find a copy..guess I’m out of luck) edited by Peter Haining’s…looks like a smash hit…do take a look

    And hey, I have joined your book club..hope you don’t mind

    Looking forward to your next review…..

  2. Excellent! Do you know, I didn’t even know that this was a book. I’ve seen the movie (which is kind of hilarious, in Hammer kind of way), but that was a while ago.

    That Haining book has a section written by P.T. Barnum… is that the same Barnum who was a circus and entertainment maestro, do you think? I’ll have to look into that one. Thank you very much for the recommendations!

    And of course I don’t mind, it’s nice to have someone along for the ride.

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