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The Great Indelible Poem

I just listened to this excellent interview with one of my favourite poets, Lawrence Ferlinghetti; so you know me, ever the generous spirit, I thought I’d share it with y’all.  Ferlinghetti is about to publish a new book, Time of Useful Consciousness, which will be published by New Directions later this month.  Oh, and if you’re wondering where the title for this post came from, it’s from Ferlinghetti’s I am Waiting, which was originally published in his 1958 collection A Coney Island of the Mind.

KCRW has the interview here, so if poetry is your thing, or even one of your things, I’d whip over and check it out.  He doesn’t just talk about the new collection, and after such a long and interesting career, how could he?  There are some excellent reflections and observations, especially about the state of poetry and why the heck no-one reads e.e. cummings anymore (ha, well, I do… but that’s only ’cause he cracks me up).  The Bookworm show manages to get quite a few interesting interviews, so it’s well worth having a sift through – you can find it on the KCRW website, or indeed on iTunes.

Now, where did I put my black beret?