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Guest Post: Ngaio Simpson on ‘Among Others’

Hmn, looks like I’m not such a lone wolf any more.  Here is a guest post from my friend, the very talented Ngaio Simpson, lacemaker, artiste and fantasy fan.  I’m currently working on a piece on texture in writing which I hope to have finished… sometime in the near future for her blog.  But without further ado, take it away, Ngaio:

Among Others Among Others cover

Walton, Jo
ISBN: 9780765321534

The story is a bit magical realism, a little fantasy and a bit of teenage angst.  But not in the twilight way.  More of a higher intelligence angst. Now, I know what you are thinking, “That makes no sense…”, but I think if you read the book you might understand. One of the most delightful things about this book has to be all of the book talk. If you like SF and fantasy and you’re looking for a new book for after this one, you could easily get one through reading this book.  I think I’ll be Googling the book list from this book straight after writing this.

The main character is Mor, her father, mother and various other family members and school “friends”… Yeah I wasn’t that sure you could really call them friends. Mor has an unknown past muddled in with her crazy mother and twin sister and her injured leg. Some of these facts become clearer as the story goes on and some stay a little grey which I think is okay. We follow Mor as she attends a new school and tries to fit in and find some people who are interested in the same things she is. You will have to read it to find out how that pans out. Oh, and there are fairies and magical beings around so look out for them, they give the story it’s difference. I really wanted to believe that she was completely in her own mind but I have to say sometimes I wasn’t 100% sure if everything that was happening wasn’t just happening in her head. Read the rest of this entry