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Versus Battle!: McIver v. Mullen

Weighing in at 305 pages, in the pink and green trunks with the corset,

Whores: an oral biography of Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction

Mullen, Brendan (2005, Da Capo Press)

…aaand in the red and black trunks, weighing in at 171 pages,

No One Knows: the Queens of the Stone Age Story

McIver, Joel (2005, Omnibus Press)


These two fighters are around the same age, though one has the distinct disadvantage of being noticably shorter on reach than the other.  This could be due to the fact that McIver’s subjects are well known for being far more reticent in interviews than Mullen’s, even to the point of refusing to talk about their equipment (Joshua Homme finally broke his silence on that, but it was a long time coming).  Both of these stories are told in a chronological vein, with both of them going back to the early days of their frontmen’s careers (Psi Com for Perry Farrell and Kyuss for Joshua Homme).

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