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Booksluts Challenge Read #3: Baby No-Eyes

Baby No-eyesBaby No-Eyes cover

Grace, Patricia

University of Hawai’i Press

ISBN: 978-0824821616

This is another of the Bookslut’s Full Frontal challenge reads, and a kind of personal challenge to myself.  I have been guilty for a long time of a bit of a hating of New Zealand fiction – we have this thing called the cultural cringe, where New Zealanders (generally, anyway) used to be horribly embarrassed of anything that came out of here.  Things have improved in a major way since I was little (in a far off, distant time known as “the Eighties”) but I guess as a nation, we’re still a little screwed up about it.  I liken it to middle child syndrome – not that I know what I’m talking about in the slightest, of course, being an eldest child.

Anyway, enough pop psychology.  Grace is a New Zealander, and is so local, that if I drive up the coast about an hour, I could probably go visit her if that wouldn’t be weird or creepy.  Which it would.  So I won’t be doing that any time soon.  The story isn’t really regionally grounded, but is definitely a story based in New Zealand.  It’s incredibly good; human, interesting, seemingly personal but not too horribly (i.e, obviously) autobiographical.  However, I do wonder how much someone who isn’t very familiar with the politics of race in New Zealand would get from it.  I mean, obviously, it’s not that hard to fathom out – I mean, this book did win the Neustadt International prize in 2008. Read the rest of this entry

I Demand Satisfaction, Sir!

So, yeah, I know I said that I was taking the month off.  And I’m still writing the novel, but it’s starting to bore me, so here I am.  Wait, no, actually, I’m back because of this, which landed in my inbox this morning:

Join the challenge!

I have to admit to being a big sucker for anyone who combines the elements of retro pin up with a reading challenge, so I’m totally in.  I was thinking of doing the Genre-Buster level, but to be honest, I would almost consider that cheating (for anyone who thinks they might like to do that challenge, you can get two for the price of one with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods; it won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards, if the Booksluts will allow that.  Or you could just stop being so lazy and read two books.  But me, I always go for lazy).  So I’m going to do the ‘Full-Frontal’ challenge, because it takes me outside of the stuff I would usually read.  Maybe I don’t always go for lazy after all…

There’s no time limit on this challenge, which is just great.  And I’ll be reviewing the books that I read as part of it anyway, so everybody wins!  Yay!