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Sequel To Stephen King’s The Shining Coming Soon

Oooh, ooh, remember how I was telling you about this, cublings? Ooh, ooh, January! It’s coming out in January! Not that I’m ridiculously excited about finding out more about Danny Torrence’s world, but I do love a review (or anything, in fact) which uses the term “psychic vampires”.

Thank you to The Book Haven for allowing a reblog on this.

The Book Haven

Stephen King

The “King” of spooky stuff. Rock star of the book world. Ridiculously overrated. Pathetic endings. A true genius. Slaughtered horror at the altar of fantasy.

In his long and celebrated career, Stephen King had had all kind of feedbacks. He is one of those authors who have radical fans and haters. You either worship him or you are an active member of So, from which camp are you exactly? Ah, a SK devotee? Cool, you are in for some pleasant surprise. Remember The Shining? It was King’s fourth novel and one of his most popular books. A classic published in 1977, it was made into a movie starring Jack Nicholson. King has announced that the sequel to The Shining, titled Dr. Sleep, will be out in January next year.

The shinning delineates the story of a family that moves to Overlook Hotel in Colorado. The hotel, however, has a…

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Campfire Chat #2: And… Sleeep.

Big thank you’s to Hayley Merrick for the factoid that Mr. Stephen King is set to release a sequel to The Shining.  You can hear Stephen read a chapter from the book, which is titled Doctor Sleep, in the video below.  It sounds pretty interesting – this is the first time that he’s revisited a book so long after it was originally published, and I’m glad that he’s getting back to Danny Torrence’s story.  Poor kid.

Anyway, that’s enough distraction – watch the vid, he’s a great reader, you don’t even need to watch, just listen.  It’s glorious.  I should really get back to my assignment (procrastination, thy name is Blog).

Riding on the World’s Largest Carosel

American Gods is coming to HBO: In the name of Odin, why?  WHY?  Can’t they just leave books alone?

My friend sent me the link above, which I’m still hoping isn’t true, but I guess it was only a matter of time.  I’m totally unconvinced that even HBO can make a six-season series out of American Gods – which is a rad-sauce book, which obtains a new and shiny patina of splendidness if you know your Norse mythology – unless they crib material from Anansi Boys, and flat out make stuff up.  I’m sure they won’t get anything like my ‘ideal’ of either Wednesday or Shadow, and I’ll be really interested to see what they do with Low-Key Lyesmith/Mr World.  Gah!  I don’t know… part of me thinks its going to be an awful tragedy, part of me is a bit excited.  Though, most of me is thanking Bragi that Tom Hanks isn’t actually casting himself in it… his production company is just funding it.  Please don’t tell me if I read that wrong, I’d rather not know.